1. What makes RPL Ultra Premium Plant Based Protein superior to all other vegan protein powders?

Our protein is superior in pretty much every way in which a protein supplement is judged. We have the industry’s highest protein concentration and purity gram for gram. We have a superior amino acid profile.  Our protein is among the smoothest and creamiest when it comes to mouth feel. With the use of superior ingredients such as raw ground vanilla bean and monk fruit, we believe it is the best tasting as well! Also, with the purchase of every protein container, a generous donation is made to farm sanctuary and animal activist organizations.

2. Why is protein concentration so important?

Protein concentration is important because it shows how abundant the amino acids are gram for gram in the protein. Every vegan protein product on the market claims to be a “complete protein” or have a “complete amino acid profile”. All that means is that it contains all of the amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on it’s own and must be consumed. However, there is no point in having all of the needed amino acids if the abundance and purity of the protein (gram for gram) is low. One of the main reason’s why whey protein has long been considered superior to plant based protein products is it’s superior protein concentration. Not anymore! With our protein you are getting the most abundant amino acids packed into each gram of protein, more than any other vegan product and more than top selling whey products!

3. Why don’t you use hemp protein or pumpkin seed protein?

Our goal was to create a plant based protein with the highest protein concentration and best amino acid profile possible. Although hemp protein and pumpkin seed protein have been getting a lot of hype and are used in a lot of vegan protein supplements these days, hemp and pumpkin seed protein have a very low protein concentration and purity. Hemp and pumpkin seed protein typically range from 40-60% protein by weight in raw form. To compare, the protein sources we use are 80%, 85%, 90%, and 93% protein by weight in raw form.

4. What makes RPL Ultra Premium Plant Based Protein better than whey?

When it comes to overall protein quality (protein concentration, BCAA content, Glutamine content, digestibility), our protein and whey protein are both great. However, our protein is a lot healthier and therefore superior because unlike whey protein it contains no cholesterol, no bloat causing lactose, no trace amounts of hormones/antibiotics/chemicals/drugs given to cows, and is completely CRUELTY FREE. Our protein is a completely vegan and animal-free product.

5. Isn’t 35 grams of protein too much for the body to digest?

It all depends on the level and type of your physical activity. Based on the physical demands you put on your body, it will release the appropriate level of hormones and enzymes to digest and make use of the protein that it needs. For example if you sit on the couch all day and do not lift a finger, your body won’t make proper use of 35 grams of protein in one sitting. However, if you put your body through strenuous exercise, it will absolutely digest and make use of the protein to maintain and rebuild muscle. The key is to always listen to your body. Also, the serving size is made up of 2 scoops. So if you don’t want the full serving of 35 grams of protein, just take 1 scoop for half of the listed nutrients.

6. How much protein do I need per day?

Again that depends on your daily physical activity as well as your fitness goals. You should consult a nutritionist and/or personal trainer for a more detailed macronutrient calculation tailored to you and your goals. However, as a general guideline, very active individuals who are trying to maintain and build muscle should take in approximately 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight per day consumed in even amounts through whole food meals and supplementation when needed. Less active people can consume 0.5 grams of protein per 1 pound of body weight.

7. Does the brown rice protein used in your blend give your protein a gritty/grainy mouth feel like other products that contain brown rice protein?

Proudly we can say ABSOLUTELY NOT. We use two types of brown rice protein in our overall protein blend. One is a highly concentrated, super smooth, organic brown rice protein. The other is a very special “suspension grade” organic brown rice protein designed for ready to drink protein products. It has absolutely no gritty or sandy mouth feel. Our brown rice protein portion of our blend is as smooth as drinking a nice cool glass of almond milk!

8. I hear pure monk fruit extract is extremely expensive. Why do you exclusively use it to sweeten your protein?

It’s true that monk fruit extract is extremely expensive. The monk fruit extract we use is of the highest quality and purity in the industry and costs 5-10 times as much as stevia. However, our goal was to make the best protein supplement on the planet, which means we will spare no expense, and not cut any corners when it comes to the best ingredients. We chose monk fruit and only monk fruit for two reasons: being completely natural and not having the bitter after taste of stevia. It is just as sweet, if not sweeter than stevia but without any bitter after taste. Its potency is 160-200 times that of sugar and calorie free. You’re going to love this stuff!

9. Where are your ingredients sourced?

Our protein blend is sourced primarily from the USA and Europe. Our pea protein is made eco-friendly from seed to final product right here in the USA. Our brown rice protein is primarily from the USA. Our potato protein is from the Netherlands. Our monk fruit extract is made from fresh monk fruit grown in remote highlands of Asia. The raw ground vanilla bean powder is from hand picked vanilla bean in Madagascar.