Ultra Premium Plant Based Protein (Mackinac Island Fudge)


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Whether you’re a general health enthusiast or a world-class athlete, REAL Pro Life Nutrition’s Ultra Premium Plant Based Protein is for you! We wanted to make it as easy and as tasty as possible for you to make sure you’re getting the purest healthiest protein to support your healthy and active life style. We have created a revolutionary all natural plant based protein formula that far exceeds any other vegan offering as well as the top selling whey products! This product delivers 35gms of protein, 7gms of BCAA’s, 6.5gms of Glutamine, and a superior digestive enzyme complex per serving. It contains no soy, no gluten, no artificial sweeteners and coloring. It is all natural, vegan, and allergen free.

We use the best ingredients from around the world to create the purest and best protein. Superior amino acid profile. Superior Taste. Superior smoothness and mix ability. Superior aroma.

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